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Iron Maiden Forefront of New Wave British Heavy Metal

Iron Maiden was formed by bassist Steve Harris in 1976. They released their first album in 1980. The band's first two albums did reasonably well, but with the 1982 replacement of vocalist Paul Di'Anno with Bruce Dickinson, their success skyrocketed. 1982's The Number Of The Beast is a classic heavy metal record. Maiden were at the forefront of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Throughout the '80s and early '90s Iron Maiden released a string of highly successful albums. In 1990 they even had a number one single in the UK, "Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter."

Lineup Changes:

After 1992's Fear In The Dark debuted at number one the UK album chart, vocalist Bruce Dickinson left the band and was replaced by Blaze Bayley. Two studio albums recorded with Bayley were commercial and critical disappointments.


In 1999, Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith, who had also departed the group in the early '90s, rejoined Iron Maiden. They continue to tour and record new material.

Current Iron Maiden Members:

Bruce Dickinson - Vocals (Samson, Shots, Skunkworks, Speed)
Dave Murray - Guitar (Evil Ways, Psycho Motel, Urchin)
Janick Gers - Guitar (Di'Anno, Fish, Gillan, Gogmagog, White Spirit)
Adrian Smith - Guitar (A.S.A.P., Broadway Brats, Evil Ways, Psycho Motel, Skunkworks, Untouchables, Urchin)
Steve Harris - Bass (Gypsy's Kiss, Smiler)
Michael "Nicko" McBrain - Drums (The 18th Fairfield Walk, The Blossom Toes, McKitty, Streetwalkers, Trauma, Pat Travers, Trust)

Former Members:

Paul Mario Day - Vocals (1975-1976)
Dennis Wilcock - Vocals (1976-1977)
Paul Di'Anno - Vocals (1977-1981)
Blaze Bayley - Vocals (1993-1999)
Terry Rance - Guitar (1975-1976)
Paul Sullivan - Guitar (1975-1976)
Ron "Rebel" Matthews - Drums (1975-1976)
Bob D'Angelo - Guitar (1976)
Terry Wapram - Guitar (1976)

Tony Moore - Keyboards (1976)
Barry "Thunderstick" Purkis - Drums (1976)
Doug Sampson - Drums (1977-1980)
Tony Parsons - Guitar (1979)
Clive Burr - Drums (1980-1982)
Dennis Stratton - Guitar (1980)

Iron Maiden Discography:

1981 Iron Maiden (EMI)
1981 Killers (EMI)
1981 Maiden Japan (live EP) (EMI)
1982 The Number Of The Beast (EMI)
1983 Piece Of Mind (EMI)
1984 Powerslave (EMI)
1985 Live After Death (live) (EMI)
1986 Somewhere In Time (EMI)
1988 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (EMI)
1990 No Prayer For The Dying (EMI)
1992 Fear Of The Dark (EMI)
1993 A Real Live One (live) (EMI)
1993 A Real Dead One (live) (EMI)
1995 The X-Factor (EMI)
1998 Virtual XI (EMI)
1998 Live At Donnington (live) (Raw Power)
2000 Brave New World (EMI)
2003 Dance Of Death (EMI)
2005 Death On The Road (live) (Sanctuary)
2006 A Matter Of Life And Death (Sanctuary)

Essential Iron Maiden Album:

The Number Of The Beast
The addition of vocalist Bruce Dickinson for their third studio album in 1982 put them over the top. His powerful voice and charisma were exactly what Iron Maiden needed. This is a great album from start to finish and a heavy metal classic.

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