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Pearl Master Works

Custom Drums. There seems to be quite a few companies making them these days. Most buy shells from the same manufacturer, mount hardware they bought from some place else, and apply a custom paint job. The end result, after a lot of hype, is a custom drum set...or is it?

Masterworks hopes to change the way drummers view a custom set of drums. At Pearl, the word custom holds quite a bit more reverence. It means we made it, not assembled it. It means everything about the kit is made by hand, one piece at a time, by a Pearl master craftsman. From hand selecting the finest woods and painstakingly forming the shell, to die casting and plating the hardware that mounts to it, drums bearing the Masterworks badge are one of a kind ultimate acoustic instruments, hand made to your specifications, with the expertise and quality no other company can match.

Drum Hardware Options

The Perfect Compliment to a Great Set of Drums

The same tireless pursuit of perfection that goes into our legendary drums is found in our drum hardware. With Masterworks, you get to choose which hoops (Die-Cast or SuperHoop II), lugs (Swivel-Style or Bridge-Style), and mounting brackets (I.S.S. (SuperHoop II only) or OptiMount) go on your custom drums. Finally, your drum hardware can be plated with Chrome, Black Chrome or Gold to make your drums truly unique.

Hoop Design
  • MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop
    MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop

    MasterCast are the finest die cast hoops available and feature the perfect blend of thickness and mass to improve the depth, clarity, and focus of toms and snare drums.

  • Super Hoop II
    Super Hoop II

    SuperHoop II hoops are precision formed from heavy-duty 2.3mm steel, triple-flanged and engraved with the SuperHoop II logo.

Lug Design
Masterworks Lug Design
BRL Lugs

Pearl’s revolutionary BRL lugs assure the ultimate in head seating and tuning integrity. The unique swivel function allows the tension rods to align perfectly into the lugs so there’s no lateral pressure against the hoops, thus assuring maximum resonance and sustain.

  • MasterCast Die-Cast Hoop
    Bridge Lugs

    Bridge style lugs and floor tom brackets provide maximum resonance with minimal shell contact.

  • Swivel Lugs
    Swivel Tube Lugs

    Pearl’s revolutionary swivel tube lugs assure perfect rod to lug alignment for optimal seating and precision tuning.

Hardware Color Options
hardware Color Options

All Masterworks Series drums are available in your choice of Chrome, Gold, or Black Chrome plated drum hardware finishes to make your kit as unique as you are.

Golden Ratio for Air Vents
Golden Ratio Air Vent

The Golden Ratio, also known as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, Golden Rectangle, and the Divine Proportion, has fascinated mathematicians since the time of the Pharaohs. It is a mathematical constant (1.61803) that is found repeatedly in nature and has been used by artisans for generations to create art and structure with pleasing proportions.

Stradivarius applied the Golden Ratio to define the location of the "f-holes" and proportions of his masterwork violins. The exterior dimensions of the Parthenon are said to form a perfect Golden Rectangle. The proportions found in Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" follow the Golden Ratio. Intrigued by this, our engineers asked if the Golden Ratio was applicable to drums and more specifically to the location of the air vents. For every drum depth there is an upper and lower Golden Ratio location, and testing revealed that the upper location noticably improves attack, which is perfect for snare drums, while the lower position improves low frequency response, ideal for toms and bass drums. Pearl's revolutionary new Golden Ratio air vents are so unique they're patent pending. Experience the sound of Golden Ratio air vents, centuries in the making, exclusively on Masterworks and Master's Premium series drums.

Yamaha Celesta & Keyboard Glockenspiel

Features & Model Specifications Celesta & Keyboard Glockenspiel

The acclaimed Yamaha grand piano action brings an unheralded level of creative flexibility to the unique musical character. Specially designed metal plates and resonators produce a pure, liquid tonality. And close attention to design and detailing makes these instruments a joy to behold, a pleasure to play and a confident orchestral investment.

The first single-layer grand piano action with full length keys provides remarkable expression and control, with a light but positive touch and delicate response.
Special metal plates and a unique resonator configuration deliver pure, vibrant tones throughout the entire range.
Piano-standard keyboard height and a narrow keyslip offer more natural, comfortable posture and hand positioning.
Key surfaces of Ivorite and unstained ebony are a pleasure to see and to play.
The music rest is positioned to allow clear line-of-sight visibility for both score and conductor.
The damper pedal is aligned as a pianist would expect—slightly right of center.
Double-wheel locking casters ensure easy, durable mobility.
The cabinet, crafted of oak veneer with a mahogany finish and metal grilles, blends well with orchestral settings.
And, of course, Yamaha's worldwide reputation for unwavering quality and support stands behind every instrument.


Model CEL-53 Model CEL-53
Basic Model.
Simple, elegant construction
Compass: 53key (40C ~ 92E)
Pitch : a1 = 442 Hz
(standard; variable on request)
Height: 108 cm
Width w/handles: 101 cm
Depth: 65 cm
Weight: 70 kg

Yamaha Grand Piano

Grand Piano Features PIANOS

Close attention to every aspect ensures lasting Yamaha value

Each Yamaha grand piano is designed to deliver the optimum performance for its size, through careful selection and balancing of everything from case materials and soundboard design to string configuration and hammer-felt density.
Duplex scaling tunes non-'speaking' lengths of the strings to enrich primary tones with secondary harmonics, providing a richer, fuller sound. (all models except GB1)

Carefully crafted from select materials, the structural framework of Yamaha grand pianos is designed to provide generations of stable, dependable support.
Radial back posts are dovetailed into the inner rim for superior strength and rigidity.
Rims are precisely formed from layers of select, solid woods to create a strong, resonant acoustic chamber and a beautiful appearance.
Rim specifications attuned to the characteristics of each model optimize strength, stability and resonance. (all C models)

Yamaha V-PRO plates provide unyielding support for the 20 tons of string tension generated by a fully strung and tuned grand piano. (all models except CFIIIS)
Use of a Yamaha-developed vacuum shield mold process, rather than traditional sand-casting, assures superior precision and structural integrity, free of pitting or other flaws, and allows an uncommonly beautiful, finished appearance.
A special, adjustable plate mounting system allows precise control over string downbearing, ensuring optimal tone quality and tuning stability. (all models except GC1)
A golden matte finish on the iron plate, similar to that of S Series grands, gives a more elegant visual impression. (all C models)

A metal tone collector connects one end of the back posts to the iron plate and acts as an acoustic mirror, gathering and reflecting sound waves back toward the soundboard. (all models except GB1)
By integrating structural members—rim, back posts and plate— into the tone producing system, the tone collector creates a fuller, richer sound with extended sustain.

An all-important element in piano sound production, the soundboard reflects and amplifies the vibrations of the strings.
Yamaha grand piano soundboards are crafted from carefully selected, well-seasoned, clear, fine-grained spruce timber, for superb tonal clarity, volume and projection.
Using a specially developed process, the soundboards are given a strong and stable crown, then reinforced with full-length spruce ribs, mortised and glued into the inner rim, for long-term durability.
Refinements in rib height and timber improve soundboard vibration characteristics.

Bridges transmit string vibrations to the soundboard, and require superior materials and craftsmanship to deliver the best possible sound.
Yamaha bridges are crafted from choice hardwoods, to strict specifications for each model, then precisely notched and pinned to accept the strings, and carefully fitted to the soundboard.
Bridges crafted from more finely grained woods, selected to complement each scale design, provide superior sound transmission. (all C3 models and above)
Bridge materials deliver warmer, richer tones and extended resonance. (S4 and CFIIIS only)

Strings are produced in Yamaha's own facilities from special steel wire, and wound with pure copper for the lower registers.
Specially designed equipment is used in stringing the pianos, to assure uniform winding and balanced tension.
Refinements in the specifications of copper-wound strings generate purer, more perfectly pitched and harmonious bass tones. (C series, S series and CFIIIS)
Precise string-by-string analysis and strike point alignment provide improved tonal characteristics, especially in the tenor. (CFIIIS only)

Humid-a-Seal® pinblocks, laminated from layers of beech and hard rock maple and sealed with a special resin, offer exceptional tuning stability, unaffected by changes in climate.
Nickel plated to protect against corrosion, Yamaha tuning pins are lathe-cut, rather than roll-pressed; this ensures a better grip in the pinblock, enhancing tuning stability.
Pin and pinblock materials facilitate tuning and further enhance stability. (C series only)

One of the few piano makers to produce its own hammers, Yamaha designs hammers to perfectly complement the scale design of each grand piano model.
Yamaha hammers are faced with premium quality felt, securely bonded and T-fastened to hardwood heads and shanks.
Barrel-shaped treble hammer shanks, similar to those of the concert grand, improve dynamic and tonal response. (C series only)

Matched key sets are cut from solid blocks of clear spruce, fitted with durable hardwood key buttons, and individually weighted, balanced and laser-leveled for uniform travel and response.
White keys are surfaced with Ivorite®, a synthetic material that reproduces the tactile characteristics of natural ivory, or with a white acrylic resin.
Black key tops are made from a special wood composite, or a black phenolic resin—except for the CFIIIS concert grand, which uses ebony.
Anti-warp keyframe construction guards against climate-induced changes, ensuring stable, trouble-free keyboard performance and extended longevity.

Yamaha piano actions are famed for their responsive sensitivity, rapid repetition and uniform feel, as well as for their reliable performance over time.
Action components are manufactured to precise specifications—some to tolerances as low as 0.05 mm—to ensure that these complex mechanisms operate smoothly and dependably.
Extruded aluminum action rails, a patented Yamaha development, are impervious to heat and humidity changes, permitting stable, long-lasting regulation.
Precise note-by-note strike point alignment produces crisper, clearer tones. (C series only)
Heightened precision in damper installation offers superior pedaling and expressive control. (C series only)
Balanced hammer/action interaction provides superior repetition. (CFIIIS only)
Slide guide refinements improve shift pedal performance. (CFIIIS only)



All woodwork and fittings are skillfully crafted and finished to the standards of the finest furniture.
A durable, resin-sealed polyester finish on solid color and high gloss models protects the wood against aging, humidity and accidental damage.
A soft-closeTM damping mechanism keeps the fallboard from dropping abruptly onto the keyboard or players' fingers. (all models except GC1)
Multi-position music desks and lid props enhance comfort, convenience and control over sound projection; all models except GC1 are also equipped with lid and fallboard locks.
Pedals and casters are machined from solid brass, for lasting beauty and durability.
Lid prop safety stop guards against incorrect, insecure prop positioning. (C series, S series and CFIIIS only)
Heavy-duty double casters, like those of the concert grand, offer improved mobility. (S series only)
Additional seasoning after the final coat enhances finish quality. (CFIIIS only)
Sideboard logo and new satin plate finish offer a more elegant appearance. (CFIIIS only)


Extensive preparatory, 'playing-in,' inspection and adjustment procedures—tuning, voicing and regulation—assure that each Yamaha grand piano is well stabilized and impeccably conditioned.
Components and completed instruments are seasoned to the climatic conditions typical of their destination.
Model-specific production enables more-focused tuning, voicing and regulation, for optimal long-term performance. (C series only)