Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hagstrom Tremar Series

If sixties-era Bond girl Britt Eklund is your idea of a Super Swede, here’s some good news, old-timer: Hagstrom’s new Super Swede Tremar Series guitar has all the feel and appeal of axes from Eklund’s heyday.

For that matter, Hagstrom has “Tremarized” many of its classic models, including the Viking, Viking Deluxe, Deluxe-F and HJ-500, giving them an H-Expander Truss Rod, Resinator fretboard and vintage-voiced Hagstrom Custom 58 humbuckers. All Tremar guitars have a carved maple top with flamed maple cap, 25 1/2–inch-scale mahogany set neck, neck and bridge pickups with independent volume and tone controls, mini-toggle coil-tap switch and a Tremar vibrato with roller bridge. With their distinctive vibrato bar, tailpiece and matching hardware, the Tremars look great and produce silky vibrato ranging from smooth to tremulous. Consider us shaken.

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